• Fully compliant with DisplayPort Specification version 1.1a and Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Specification version 1.2.

  • Support 2 Main Link Lanes at 1.62Gb/s or 2.7Gb/s link rate

  • Support LCD panel with resolution up to 1920x1200 @60Hz or 1366x768@120Hz.

  • Support 6 pairs and 8 pairs mini-LVDS output for both 6-bit and 8-bit LCD panel interface, with the maximum clock up to 300MHz

  • Flexible TCON output control, and flexible mini-LVDS output mapping

  • Support single clock mode: R/L mini-LVDS data output with one common mini-LVDS clock.

  • Support HDCP Amendment for Displayport Rev.1.1

  • Support Gamma correction control

  • Support dithering and 6-bit + FRC

  • Support Enhanced Framing Mode

  • Support eDP Authentication: Alternative Scramble Seed Reset and Alternative Framing

  • 2 external clock configuration: 27MHz crystal, 27MHz reference clock

  • Support 2-level and 3-level Gate Drivers (output STV1 and STV2 at the same time) , 8 programmable GPOs for driving Source or Gate drivers in TFT LCD panel

  • Programmable LCD panel power sequence

  • Support internal test pattern

  • Blank panel during invalid input

  • Support OSD display when GPIO pins control Back-light Luminance

  • Supports PWM. Backlight luminance level control through AUX channel, and GPIO pin Support Dynamic Backlight Control(OSD display)

  • Support analog current interface for light sensor

  • Support loading of CH9904 BOOM ROM when power up

  • Programmable power management. Support Hardware fully power down control

  • Spread spectrum control is available for transmitting mini-LVDS signal

  • Hot Plug Detection

  • Achieve bit error rate <10-9 for raw transport data per lane and symbol error rate <10-12 for control data

  • Offered in a 68-pin QFN package


Chrontel’s CH7510 is a low-cost, low-power semi-conductor device that integrates a mini-LVDS timing controller (TCON). This device receives high-speed serialized video data and uses the Block Diagram, fully programmable TCON to drive the LCD panel modules through integrated mini-LVDS interface, which is operating in low-voltage and low EMI emission.

The CH7510 is designed to comply with DisplayPort Specification 1.1a and Embedded DisplayPort Specification version 1.2. It supports two Main Link lanes that are capable of receiving data rate running at 1.62Gb/s or 2.7Gb/s. The device can accept input data in 18-bit 6:6:6 or 24-bit 8:8:8 RGB digital formats.

The high performance CH7510’s TCON consists of programmable logic blocks for processing input video data, configurable timing control signals and video data to interface LCD Gate Drivers and Source Drivers. During system power up, setting the power ON/OFF sequence for a particular LCD panel can be achieved through CH7510’s TCON configuration registers. This timing control information is stored in the BOOT ROM along with the EDID information that will be used during the Link Training through AUX Channel.

The CH7510 has a luminance control function to adjust LCD backlight. The brightness control command sent through AUX Channel can be dynamically translated by CH7510 and converted into LCD backlight control signal. The CH7510 will save the last setting of brightness level value in the BOOT ROM and use it upon power up.

Advanced Power Management Unit (PMU) is designed to reduce power consumption in normal operation.








Input Interface eDP/DP

Output Interface mini-LVDS

Audio Interface  No

Other features  No

Package Type QFN68


Part Number Package Type Operating Temperature Range Minimum Order

CH7510A-BF  Lead Free - 68-pin QFNCommercial : -20 to 70°C260 per tray











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